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Come play in the sandbox with us...

...and also jump some jumps. Today is day 2 of the UNH Spring Horse Trials and while I'm getting ready to send our first Preliminary and Novice competitors down the centerline, I have a few minutes to hurry up and wait! Therefore, I've spent some time looking forward to the next events of the season. OTBE will be managing the Dressage and Sport-Horse classes at Hudson Valley Arabian Horse Show's Spring Show at the Big E in Springfield, MA. Then we move directly onward and head to the lovely Kent School Horse Trials on May 22.

In the mindset of planning, OTBE is also welcoming on board a team of interns for the 2016 season who will take part in all aspects of competition management - site prep, secretarial work, front & back-office management, media campaigns, marketing, and more because we do it ALL here! Look for our interns and say HI!! More about each of them on our "About Us" page.

With some eventing-related news, the Friends of the UNH XC Course have started a fundraising campaign through USEA's Area 1 platform (also a non-profit) which will then turn around and make a direct donation to UNH specifically earmarked for XC course upgrades with a focus on creating a introductory/elementary track. This is really important for the mission of the school and will allow UNH students, most of whom do not have eventing experience, to safely get "a taste of the dark side!" This will also allow the UNH HT to run an introductory or even elementary schooling division in conjunction with the horse trials, encouraging even more riders to start eventing in a safe, welcoming way. This campaign just got off the ground and you can make your own tax-deductible donation by clicking HERE.

Off to the sandbox to get dressage started. I'm also looking forward to watching some of the Prelim riders tackle the XC course, built by Jamie and Jim Gornall. The course is looking really nice and has been riding well. As usual, we are live scoring through StartBox scores. Check out scores and results: UNH Spring HT

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