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New software.... FVD

And so begins the start of the Dressage season. The first events wrapped up beautifully and now my attention has been wholly devoted to dressage shows. The first of which is the upcoming NHDEA Schooling Dressage show, this weekend at the UNH facility. The next is at the lovely Longfellow Dressage facility in Nottingham, NH. Then, June wraps up with the USEF/USDF June Dressage Show on the 21st & 22nd.

I’ve been using the entry management system, StartBox Scoring for some time now, but have decided in light of the volume of dressage shows I am processing, to try out Fox Village Dressage, which is setup specifically for Dressage. So far it’s been fairly easy getting used to the new system. It is certainly less intuitive than StartBox but has many benefits such as easy formatting and the schedule system has been smooth.

That being said, the NHDEA show has been scheduled and times have been posted! The weekend forecast is looking tip-top and it will be a nicely full day.

Longfellow Dressage (schooling show 6/14) and UNH Dressage are currently accepting entries. Click on individual pages for more information.

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