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Spring has Sprung!

We've survived the mild New England winter and the NEDA omnibus has arrived, heralding the arrival of the summer show schedule! I feel that I've been hibernating this winter, but spending lots of time at the computer and this summer look for some great upgrades and additions to OTBE! Here are a few "dressagey" things to look for:

Planning a great clinic with "S" judge Cindy Canace, early in the season to give riders a chance to really feel out the tests before riding down centerline. She'll be extending her stay directly following the UNH June Dressage show for the clinic. I'm happy to say I'll be sneaking a ride in with my new partner Santa Fe ISF. I can't wait!

We're continuing with our popular jumper series on Wednesday afternoons throughout June, July and August. Fun prizes and a low-pressure show setting at the Tack Shack in Fremont, NH.

Oyster River Dressage will be back for the 3rd year. We've added classes and special awards, targeting breed organizations such as American Trakehner Assoc., American Morgan Horse Assoc., Arabian Horse Assoc., Thoroughbred Incentive Award, and more! We are also unrolling fantastic new prizes and awards.

And lastly, we are unrolling TWO new USDF shows, held mid-week on Wednesdays. I'm hoping the mid-week show will attract local pros and amateurs alike! Check out the listing online and in the NEDA OPL as the Summer Dressage Series at the Tack Shack.

Phew! We'll be back with more news soon, as this time of year lots of planning is going on and I can't wait to share!

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